A skin barrier adheres to your peristomal (around the stoma) skin, helping protect your skin from stoma output, and attaching the pouch to your body.

In a two-piece system, the skin barrier is separate from the pouch; in a one-piece system they are combined together.

Skin barriers include:

  • Standard wear: Best for colostomy.
  • Extended wear: Designed to provide greater protection from stoma output for people living with an ileostomy or urostomy as output can cause skin irritation.

Skin barrier openings vary in fashion, including:

  • Cut-to-fit: Can be cut to accommodate your unique stoma size.
  • Pre-cut: Available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate your stoma, without the need for cutting.
  • Moldable: By molding around the stoma, this skin barrier creates a snug fit designed to provide greater leakage protection than traditional barriers.

ConvaTec skin barriers come in the following varieties:

One-piece adhesive systems

Two-piece adhesive skin barrier